4-Carat MYZA IGI Certified Diamond Men's Ring in 18K Hallmark Gold

Rs. 209,966.00 Rs. 419,932.00
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Price Break-up

MYZA Diamond (4 Carat) – 50% OFF: ₹ 312,000 ₹ 156,000
18K Hallmark Gold (7.250 GMS): ₹ 41,325
Making – 50% OFF: ₹ 13,050 ₹ 6,525
Wastage: ZERO
GST: ₹ 6,116
Discounted Price: ₹ 209,966
Note: There could be a minor variation in the final product’s gold weight or rate which shall be refunded / adjusted in the final invoice.

Diamond Specifications

Certification: International Gemological Institute (IGI), USA
Validation: In both Digital & Hardcopy Form
Purity: 100% Pure Carbon, Type 2A Only
Shape: Brilliant Round
Cut: Ideal to Excellent
Color: G
Clarity: VS1
Symmetry: Excellent
Flourescence: None
Culet: Pointed
Weight: 4 to 4.10 Carats
Diameter: 10.50 to 10.65 MM

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MYZA Beyond 4Cs: 5-Step Quality Check for Cut, Brilliance, Durability, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight - Ensuring Top-Notch Diamond Standards. Iconic diamond ring inspected for brilliance, clarity, and more in MYZA's meticulous quality assurance process.

MYZA LAB GROWN (CVD TYPE 2a) only diamonds are from the top 20 percent of the lab grown diamonds available across the globe. Our in-house finest graders and goldsmiths are committed to creating brilliant masterpieces with specialised techniques. MYZA diamond outshines a mined diamond with its clarity, purity, and lustre that lasts a lifetime just like an earth mined diamond.


Satisfied Customers

I never thought I'd be excited about jewelry, but this Myza lab-grown diamond ring blew me away. The design is sleek and masculine, and the diamond has a brilliant shine. It's the perfect blend of elegance and modernity.
— Harris Adam
When my partner surprised me with a Myza lab-grown diamond ring for our anniversary, I was touched by the thoughtfulness of the gesture. Not only is it a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it also symbolize our shared values of love, authenticity, and environmental stewardship- a reminder of the bond we share as partner and as stewards of the earth.
— Steve
As a man who values and authenticity an integrity, I was impressed by the transparency of the Myza lab-grown diamond purchasing process. From the detailed information provided on their website to the personalized assistance from their customer service team,I felt confident knowing exactly what i was getting, an ethically sourced high-quality.
— Ajay Rathore