We offer lab-grown diamonds that are every bit as magnificent and timeless as their mined counterparts, but with a critical difference: Sustainability. Our diamonds are meticulously crafted in state-of-the-art labs, using cutting-edge Chemical Vapour Deposition technology to replicate the natural diamond formation process. This eliminates the environmental impact of traditional mining. But our commitment goes beyond environmental responsibility. We are dedicated to create diamonds of unparalleled quality. Each stone undergoes rigorous grading to ensure exceptional brilliance. We believe lab-grown diamonds represent the future of luxury – where ethical practices and breathtaking beauty are perfectly intertwined.

Taruna Biyani, Co-Founder & CEO,

Taruna is a qualified jewelry professional and a 2001 Merit Holder from the Design and Promotion Council, New Delhi. She has over 22 years of experience in jewelry design and specializes in creating minimalistic and sophisticated jewelry.

Taruna has also featured in various leading publications both in India and worldwide.

Taruna is a strong believer in Women Empowerment and is deeply passionate about helping women dream big and has been backing it up with professional training. "Our Women-Team is the most valuable asset that enables us to deliver an innovative portfolio of unmatched quality. craftsmanship and creativity".

Email: taruna@myza.com

Arvend Biyani, Co-Founder & CFO,

Arvend is a dualined chartered Accountant and an alumnus of Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi. He is an All-India Rank Holder from both Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI). Arvend is an expert in the field of Finance, Investments & Private Equity has over 2 decades of experience in various global organizations like KPMG, The Xander Group Inc.

Email: arvend@myza.com

Kelly Martin, Quality Chief,

With 80% of lab-grown Myza rejected and only the top 20% finally getting approved, quality is something that's paramount. Kelly and her team ensure that each MYZA is checked and re-checked before it is passed on to the packaging team for final delivery. With a keen eye for detail, the quality team works persistently to ensure overall compliance with the MYZA beyond the 4Cs practice.

Email: kellym@myza.com

James Bennet, Gemologist,

Heading a team of veterans, the department makes sure that every MYZA is crystal clear and has an exquisite finish. Handpicking every piece, it is made sure that every jewellery piece is made using the world’s best lab-grown diamonds, manufactured from the house of Myza.

Email: jamesb@myza.com

Shiela D'Costa. Product Design & Innovation,

Shiela and her team are passionate about Evolution which is the only constant at MYZA. Believing in this theory, this entire segment strives to make each MYZA better than any intricate jewelry piece on a global level. Be it designer finesse, both are given equal weightage.

Email: shielad@mvza.com

André Picard, Grading Head,

With years of experience in grading diamonds, only the right shade makes it to the proud MYZA collection of fine jewellery. The grading department has an eye for precision and follows the rule of perfection over quantity.

Email: andrep@myza.com