5-Step Quality Check

MYZA Lab-Grown Pure Carbon Diamonds & MYZA Lab-Made Carborundum Diamonds excel in quality benchmarks beyond the traditional 4Cs for the specifications that are not visible to the naked eye. Each MYZA undergoes a stringent 5 Step quality check by a team of international experts at MYZA labs. Only the top 20% of the selected diamonds make it to the final offering as a MYZA Diamond.

Cut & Brilliance Check

At MYZA, our in-house experts put their keen eye for detail to use to make sure you end up with a piece of a brilliant MYZA jewelry that's exactly like a mined diamond. Each MYZA diamond is verified and evaluated in our state-of-the-art laboratory to confirm to the “MYZA brilliant” standards. So, if you want divine luster, MYZA is made for you.

Clarity Check

Clarity refers to the number of imperfections a diamond inherits during its growing cycle. There are around eleven grades of a gem when it comes down to clarity. MYZA diamonds fall under the scope of Flawless to Near Flawless VS1 grade, making them the finest quality of diamonds in terms of clarity. We consider it a feat, thanks to our skillful GEM experts.

Durability Check

What good is a girl's best friend if it doesn't stand the test of time?

MYZA is one of a kind and will last you a lifetime with only a little care. MYZA Diamond offers an exceptional hardness on the Mohs scale, making them zero prone to scratching, breaking, abrasion, or chipping. We're also backed by several tests on the heat resistance capacity of each MYZA Solitaire. So, durability is not just a promise we make at MYZA - it's a guarantee we boast of.

Color Check

Each MYZA is evaluated the traditional way too! MYZA is colorless in nature and fall in the E-G range category and fall in the group of the near colorless diamonds available in the market. Being one of the best in quality, we also guarantee our diamonds will never lose out on their color. What's more? Forget discoloration; MYZA does not even fade over time!

Carat Weight Check

Each MYZA is re-verified for its weight and dimensions using latest equipment before it making to the final list. Our experts ensure that each MYZA has consistency and uniformity with respect to weight and size. As mined diamond solitaires come in varied carat sizes, so does every single Myza diamond. Carat weight is fully authenticated by certification and inscriptions.