10 Cents Each MYZA Certified Lab Diamond Bangle in 18K Hallmark Yellow Gold

Rs. 195,937.00 Rs. 391,874.00
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Price Break-up

MYZA Diamond - 6.3 Carats (0.10CT x 63 Pcs): ₹ 201,600 ₹ 100,800
18K Hallmark Gold (13.55 GMS): ₹ 77,235
Making – 50% OFF: ₹ 24,390 ₹ 12,195
Wastage: ZERO
GST: ₹ 5,707
Discounted Price: ₹ 195,937
Note: There could be a minor variation in the final product’s gold weight or rate which shall be refunded / adjusted in the final invoice.need to add content

Diamond Specifications

Purity: 100% Pure Carbon, Type 2A Only
Shape: Brilliant Round
Cut: Ideal to Excellent
Color: E-G
Clarity: VVS1/2
Symmetry: Excellent
Flourescence: None
Culet: Pointed
Weight: 6.3 Carats (0.10 Carat x 63 Pcs)
Diameter: 3.00-3.05 MM

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MYZA Beyond 4Cs: 5-Step Quality Check for Cut, Brilliance, Durability, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight - Ensuring Top-Notch Diamond Standards. Iconic diamond ring inspected for brilliance, clarity, and more in MYZA's meticulous quality assurance process.


"Absolutely stunning! Myza lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same brilliance and sparkle as natural diamonds, "Impressed by the quality and clarity of my Myza lab-grown diamond.
— Vanessa Lopez
As a new mom, I wanted a piece of jewelry that would symbolize the love and responsibility I feel towards my family and the planet. Myza lab-grown diamonds fit the bill perfectly, allowing me to wear something beautiful that aligns with my values and the future I want to create for my child.
— Kavita Arora
I never thought I'd find a diamond as special as the love of my partner, until we discovered Myza lab-grown diamonds. The cut, clarity, and color were way superior than anything I had seen till date. Loved it! 
— Hazel Lee
After surviving a difficult period in my life, I decided to treat myself to something special—a Myza lab-grown diamond set. It wasn't just about indulgence; it was about reclaiming my sense of self-worth and celebrating the resilience that got me through. Now, whenever I wear it, I'm reminded of the strength I carry within me."
— Rashi Gupta
I've always been drawn to luxury jewelry pieces, so when I discovered Myza lab-grown diamonds, I was thrilled. After purchasing a stunning necklace adorned with a Myza diamond, I've received countless compliments on its beauty and craftsmanship.
— Palak Chabra
Choosing a Myza lab-grown diamond was an ethical no-brainer for me. The fact that they're also visually flawless and competitively priced less compared to natural diamonds makes them a clear winner.
— Mithil Sharma