1-Carat MYZA Certified Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

Rs. 9,400.00 Rs. 18,800.00


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100% Certified

Shape: Round
Cut: Brilliant
Color: E to F
Clarity: VVS1
Luster: Excellent
Weight: 1 Carat DEW*
Diameter: 6.5 MM
Tested as: Moissanite
*DEW: Diamond Equivalent Weight. Myza weighs approximately 10% less than a diamond of the same diameter. We use a Diamond Equivalent Weight (DEW) to give customers a comparative estimate of gemstone size.

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MYZA Moissanite (1-Carat) Rs 16,000
925 Silver with Rhodium Electro-Plating Rs 2,800
Retail Price – 50% OFF Rs 18,800
Discounted Price Rs 9,400

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1-Carat MYZA Sterling Silver Ring - MYZA
MYZA Moissanite Ring vs Diamond Ring Quality Comparison
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MYZA is the world’s most premium moissanite diamond which makes it exceptionally good. In fact, it has better brilliance than a diamond with a refractive index of 2.65. An incredible hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs Scale makes it last a lifetime

- Satisfied Customers -

"I never thought this pendant I bought would get me such rave reviews from my peer. The sparkle it has makes everyone stare at it in disbelief. It is not a diamond, but being the world’s best diamond simulant, it definitely shines better than it. Thank you MYZA for living upto your word"
— Vanessa Lopez
"Social engagements and coffee sit outs is every Friday thing for me. Especially being a fashion consultant, I have to look the part as well. And that’s where my MYZA set comes in as a game-changer. Sparkling more than real solitaires, they definitely change my social perception and trust me, it doesn’t even cost much"
— Kavita Arora
"I am very fond of trending jewellery. But keeping up with fashion was really denting my pocket. That’s when I came across MYZA solitaire jewellery. Costing 1/20th of a diamond, this pendant shines way more making it a priceless investment"
— Hazel Lee
"It was Dhan Teras my mother-in-law got me this beautiful MYZA set. The moment I saw it, I was elated. Big and bold solitaires sparkling right at me. Later, she told me they were lab-made. But trust me, it hardly mattered. In fact, I was even more happy to have them at a price much lesser than diamonds"
— Rashi Gupta
"For me, diamonds are irreplaceable. All that junk and replica jewellery can’t even come close. But when I wore this MYZA pendant gifted by my Fiancee, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a real solitaire. The cut, clarity and colour was way superior than anything I had seen till date. Loved it!"
— Palak Chabra
"Keeping my wardrobe, jewellery and gadgets up to date is a fetish I have. Clothes are still manageable, but solitaires can’t be bought often. Even just the making of jewellery costs a bomb. That’s when I made the smart choice and switched to MYZA and trust me, no one could tell the difference. Not even me!"
— Mithil Sharma