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Nature Friendly Diamonds

MYZA is committed to being eco-friendly. Ethically made, each MYZA diamond redefines luxury so that you shine without harming the environment.

30 Days Free Home Trial

Try MYZA for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, return it & get 101% money back. Call 9071022222 now to know more.

IGI (USA) Certified Diamonds

Each MYZA is fully certified for quality and authenticity. A Certificate accompanies each purchase.

Lifetime Warranty & Buyback

Lifetime Warranty and Buyback is applicable on entire MYZA jewelry. So you can own one without any hassles for lifetime. Know more

Free Same-day Delivery

Free same-day delivery with complimentary Insurance is available to all major locations. Choose to pay online or Cash-on-Delivery. T&Cs


"I am very fond of trending jewellery. But keeping up with fashion was really denting my pocket. That’s when I came across MYZA solitaire jewellery. Costing 1/20th of a diamond, this pendant shines way more making it a priceless investment"
— Hazel Lee
After surviving a difficult period in my life, I decided to treat myself to something special—a Myza lab-grown diamond set. It wasn't just about indulgence; it was about reclaiming my sense of self-worth and celebrating the resilience that got me through. Now, whenever I wear it, I'm reminded of the strength I carry within me."
— Rashi Gupta
"Absolutely stunning! Myza lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same brilliance and sparkle as natural diamonds, "Impressed by the quality and clarity of my Myza lab-grown diamond.
— Vanessa Lopez
I've always been drawn to luxury jewelry pieces, so when I discovered Myza lab-grown diamonds, I was thrilled. After purchasing a stunning necklace adorned with a Myza diamond, I've received countless compliments on its beauty and craftsmanship.
— Palak Chabra
I'm in awe of the brilliance of my Myza lab-grown diamond. Myza lab-grown diamonds are the epitome of perfection for me. 
— Ema Jones
As a man who values authenticity and integrity, I was impressed by the transparency of the Myza lab-grown diamond purchasing process. From the detailed information provided on their website to the personalized assistance from their customer service team, I felt confident knowing exactly what I was getting, an ethically sourced high-quality Myza lab-grown diamond
— Ajay Rathore
"Social engagements and coffee sit outs is every Friday thing for me. Especially being a fashion consultant, I have to look the part as well. And that’s where my MYZA set comes in as a game-changer. Sparkling more than real solitaires, they definitely change my social perception and trust me, it doesn’t even cost much"
— Kavita Arora
"My office staff couldn’t take their eyes off my pendant and ring. All they could say was ‘Such big solitaires!’ My colleagues teased me saying, ‘What’s the good news!’ Even my boss looked at them in awe. And they all couldn’t believe when I told them that these were MYZA solitaires. What a day!"
— Bhawna Budhiraja
When my partner surprised me with a Myza lab-grown diamond ring for our anniversary, I was touched by the thoughtfulness of the gesture. Not only is it a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it also symbolize our shared values of love, authenticity, and environmental stewardship- a reminder of the bond we share as partner and as stewards of the earth.
— Steve
"Keeping my wardrobe, jewellery and gadgets up to date is a fetish I have. Clothes are still manageable, but solitaires can’t be bought often. Even just the making of jewellery costs a bomb. That’s when I made the smart choice and switched to MYZA and trust me, no one could tell the difference. Not even me!"
— Mithil Sharma
I never thought I'd be excited about jewelry, but this Myza lab-grown diamond ring blew me away. The design is sleek and masculine, and the diamond has a brilliant shine. It's the perfect blend of elegance and modernity.
— Harris Adam
"My suspicion transformed into love the moment I saw this MYZA pendant. Though I bought it thinking it has a 15-Day Return Policy, but trust me, when I saw it outshine a diamond as well, I was very relieved. Now I know why MYZA is such a trusted name amongst all"
— Neha Gupta
"This was clicked by our son when I was gifting a MYZA pendant to my wife. She loves solitaires. But affording them is a bit of a stretch. So MYZA was the perfect choice. They claimed that every MYZA underwent a 5 stage check. Anyway, it was way cheaper than a diamond but sparkled way more!"
— Anjali & Vinayak

101% Money Back Offer!

Wear a MYZA for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, return it & get 101% of your money back.

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Welcome! I'm thrilled to have you at MYZA Diamonds, an organization built on the belief that dazzling beauty shouldn't come at the cost of our planet.

Taruna Biyani
Co-Founder & CEO

5-Step Quality Check

MYZA Solitaires excel in quality benchmarks beyond the traditional 4Cs. Each MYZA undergoes a stringent 5-Step quality check to ensure only top 20% of the best solitaires make the cut as final MYZA offering.