3-Carat MYZA IGI Certified Princess Cut Diamond Only

Rs. 104,000.00 Rs. 208,000.00
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Diamond Specifications

Certification: International Gemological Institute (IGI), USA
Validation: In both Digital & Hardcopy Form
Purity: 100% Pure Carbon, Type 2A Only
Shape: Princess Cut
Cut: Ideal to Excellent
Color: G
Clarity: VS1
Symmetry: Excellent
Flourescence: None
Culet: Pointed
Weight: 3.00 to 3.10 Carats
Dimension: 7.65 MM by 7.65 MM

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MYZA Beyond 4Cs: 5-Step Quality Check for Cut, Brilliance, Durability, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight - Ensuring Top-Notch Diamond Standards. Iconic diamond ring inspected for brilliance, clarity, and more in MYZA's meticulous quality assurance process.

MYZA LAB GROWN (CVD TYPE 2a) only diamonds are from the top 20 percent of the lab grown diamonds available across the globe. Our in-house finest graders and goldsmiths are committed to creating brilliant masterpieces with specialised techniques. MYZA diamond outshines a mined diamond with its clarity, purity, and lustre that lasts a lifetime just like an earth mined diamond.

- Satisfied Customers -

"Absolutely stunning! Myza lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same brilliance and sparkle as natural diamonds, "Impressed by the quality and clarity of my Myza lab-grown diamond.
— Vanessa Lopez
As a new mom, I wanted a piece of jewelry that would symbolize the love and responsibility I feel towards my family and the planet. Myza lab-grown diamonds fit the bill perfectly, allowing me to wear something beautiful that aligns with my values and the future I want to create for my child.
— Kavita Arora
I never thought I'd find a diamond as special as the love of my partner, until we discovered Myza lab-grown diamonds. The cut, clarity, and color were way superior than anything I had seen till date. Loved it! 
— Hazel Lee
After surviving a difficult period in my life, I decided to treat myself to something special—a Myza lab-grown diamond set. It wasn't just about indulgence; it was about reclaiming my sense of self-worth and celebrating the resilience that got me through. Now, whenever I wear it, I'm reminded of the strength I carry within me."
— Rashi Gupta
I'm in awe of the brilliance of my Myza lab-grown diamond. Myza lab-grown diamonds are the epitome of perfection for me. 
— Emily Jones
I've always been drawn to luxury jewelry pieces, so when I discovered Myza lab-grown diamonds, I was thrilled. After purchasing a stunning necklace adorned with a Myza diamond, I've received countless compliments on its beauty and craftsmanship.
— Palak Chabra
Choosing a Myza lab-grown diamond was an ethical no-brainer for me. The fact that they're also visually flawless and competitively priced less compared to natural diamonds makes them a clear winner.
— Mithil Sharma