What are Myza lab grown diamonds?

Myza lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled laboratory environment using advanced technology. They are identical to natural diamonds in terms of their chemical, composition, physical characteristics, and brilliance.

How are Myza lab-grown diamonds produced?

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is the only technique used to create lab-grown diamonds at Myza. Our diamond manufacturing units make Type 2a diamonds only. They are completely pure carbon and are usually colorless. As a fact , only about 1-2 % of mined diamonds are classified as Type 2a.

Is it possible to differentiate between Myza lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds?

Neither the naked eye nor conventional gemological instruments can distinguish lab-grown and natural diamonds. Specialized machines in a gemological lab setup are the only way to distinguish between the two.

Why does Myza lab-grown diamond cost less than a natural diamond?

Because lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment without mining, they are naturally less expensive than mined diamonds. They become a more affordable option as a result of reduced mining costs.

Why should I choose Myza lab-grown diamond over natural diamond?

It is the best choice you can make today for the benefit of our future generation.

1.Ethical Sourcing: Lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced, free from the environmental and social concerns associated with traditional diamond mining. Choosing lab-grown diamonds helps reduce the environmental footprint of the jewelry industry by minimizing the need for destructive mining practices.

2.Myza's Quality Assurance: We go beyond the 4Cs as each Lab-grown diamond undergoes strict quality control measures, ensuring consistent quality and brilliance in every stone.     

 3.Cost Effectiveness:  Lab gown diamonds are often more affordable than natural diamonds, providing excellent value for consumers without comprising quality.          


How to take care of Myza lab-grown diamond/jewelry?

Myza is the most durable lab-grown diamond, just avoid using harsh chemicals to wear it for a lifetime. Regular cleaning and care can help them to restore their sparkle and brilliance.

What guarantee or assurance can be given for the purity of Myza Gold?

Myza is a registered BIS Hallmark brand and manufactures only Hallmarked Gold mounts for all its diamond solitaires.  

Is Myza lab-grown diamond tested as a real diamond?

Myza lab-grown diamond has the same physical properties as mined diamonds, Hence they are considered as real diamonds.

What unique quality does Myza lab-grown diamond offer?

Myza creates Type 2a diamonds only, they are 100% pure carbon and known for their exceptional beauty, brilliance, and rarity. Only about 1-2% of mined diamonds are type 2a.

How are Myza lab-grown diamonds graded and certified?

Each MYZA is 100% certified, only by a laboratory of international repute i.e. International Gemological Institute USA (IGI) and the GIA. Post certification each Myza Diamond undergoes an additional layer of 5-step quality check by our team of grading experts at MYZA Labs. parameters go beyond the traditional 4Cs to offer you the finest lab-grown diamonds in the world.

Are Myza lab-grown diamonds safe for the environment?

In comparison to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds do leave less of an environmental impact. They use fewer resources and don't contribute to the habitat loss or deforestation that comes with conventional diamond mining.

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