Ever wondered what goes behind the curtains of MYZA when it comes down to quality checks? Wonder no more - read this blog and find out!

Shopping for jewelry can be tough. You have to be sure of so many things. 

Does the design suit your style? Is the price within the bounds of your budget? Ouff - a lot goes behind making the final call! 

And if these weren’t enough already, you also have to shrewdly assess the quality of the jewelry. Right from checking its authenticity to carefully judging its luminosity and weight - the process is painfully lengthy and tedious. 

But don’t worry - at MYZA, we take care of this dreadful yet essential aspect for you! Here at MYZA, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. We understand all your quality concerns before buying a piece of jewelry. Hence, we make it a point to offer you the best quality sterling silver solitaire jewelry at the most affordable price point. 

Still skeptical? Not a problem. With this blog, allow us to take you through the meticulous 5-step quality check journey each Myza gemstone goes through to become our most-loved jewelry piece. Let’s start!

The 5-Step Jewelry check we follow at Myza

Like diamonds, lab-made Myza are also available in a range of grades differing in quality. However, at MYZA, we ensure only the top 20% of the most premium quality gemstones make it to our offering. To understand how we do this, check out these 5 quality parameters we swear by while picking the perfect gift for you!;

Brilliance - we don’t compromise on the LOOKS

At MYZA, we ensure you get the quality you pay for. Our in-house experts put their keen eye for detail to use to make sure you end up with a piece of Myza jewelry that’s, in no way, less than a diamond. In fact, if brilliance is your top concern, trust MYZA. With a stunning score of 2.65 on the refractive index, MYZA solitaires surpass the extraordinary brilliance of diamonds as well. So if you want divine luster, MYZA is made for you. 

Durability - one of our top concerns

What good is a gemstone if it doesn’t stand the test of time? At MYZA, we value quality above everything. Our diamond simulant gems are one of a kind and will last you a lifetime with only a little care. Don’t believe us? Try us out to see for yourself. MYZA offers a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, making them less prone to scratching, breaking, abrasion, or chipping. We’re also backed by several tests on the heat resistance capacity of our solitaire stones. So durability is not a promise we make at MYZA - it’s a guarantee we boast of. 

Color - just as elegant as a diamond

Thanks to their elegant appearance, diamonds are a class apart. But MYZA gems are not too far off either. Our Myza stones are colorless in nature and fall in the E-F range category. In other words, these gems fall in the group of the whitest stones available in the market - the same as diamonds. Being one of the best in quality, we also guarantee our gemstones will never lose out on their color. What’s more? Forget discoloration; MYZA does not even fade over time! 

Clarity - as flawless as it can be

Clarity refers to the number of imperfections a gemstone has. These inclusions form from external factors like trapped bubbles, needles, minerals, feathers, or crystals that happen to be inside a gemstone. There are around eleven grades of gemstones when it comes down to clarity. Our gemstones at MYZA fall under the scope of Flawless to Near Flawless VVS1 & 2 grade, making them the finest quality stones in terms of clarity. We consider it a feat, thanks to our skillful GEM experts. 

Carat Weight - you get what you pay for

Since lab-made Myza are slightly lighter in weight than diamonds, the difference in the size of a 1-carat diamond and a 1-carat Myza often ends up confusing a layman. But at MYZA, we use the DEW (Diamond Equivalent Weight) metric to make sure you get the exact weight that you are paying for - nothing more, nothing less. 

Wrapping Up

At MYZA, we have our priorities sorted - quality over anything. And now that you know how we achieve it, wait no more. Try MYZA’s 15-day challenge and get your hands on the finest sterling silver solitaire jewelry today. Tap here to shop now!