Confused between MINED diamonds and MYZA lab-grown diamonds? Let us break down the dilemma for you. Read this blog to find out what should be your ideal pick between the two.

The difference between MYZA lab-grown diamond and mined diamond is impossible to tell when it comes down to appearance. Both the gemstones look stunning and can elevate any outfit from drab to fab in no time. However, the most striking factor distinguishing a Myza lab-grown diamond from a mined diamond is the cost associated with the gemstone. MYZA lab-grown diamond costs almost 20-25 times less than a mined diamond. 

Comparing MYZA lab-grown diamond With Mined Diamond - What’s Better & Why?  If you are confused about whether to buy MYZA lab-grown diamond jewelry or go for a mined diamond one, here are a few factors to help you make your pick;

Reason 1: Color

Diamond - Contrary to the word ‘color,’ the color in a top-quality diamond refers to the absence of color. Its color grading system ranges from D to Z, wherein D denotes the purest colorless diamond, while as we move towards Z, the diamond starts picking up on a yellow or brown hue. Now you know why diamonds come in all colors.

MYZA - Just like diamonds, Myza lab-grown diamonds are also found in a range of hues. However, the premium quality ones at MYZA lab-grown diamonds do not have any color - much like the best quality diamonds. Our lab-grown diamonds are either colorless or barely have any color in them. All of them fall in the E to G color range. What’s more? MYZA lab-grown diamonds do not have fading tendencies and aren’t prone to tarnishing at all - that’s a guarantee.

Reason 2: Carat

Diamond - By carat, we mean the weight of the diamond. One carat of a diamond comprises 100 points. So, the price of a diamond increases with an increase in the size of the diamond. Larger diamonds are harder to find and even harder to afford.

MYZA - Lab-grown Myza Diamond is your best bet if you love larger diamonds. Making big carats Solitaires is our niche at Myza and our pocket-friendly prices make it easy to afford luxury.

Reason 3:  Clarity

Diamond - A diamond’s clarity is one of the primary ways to determine the quality of the gemstone. No two diamonds will look and feel the same - their inclusivity is what sets them apart! Common markings include needles, pinpoints, feathers, and clouds.

MYZA - Myza is synonymous with flawless beauty. The clarity ranges between VVS1 and VVS Grades. MYZA diamonds form in labs, and one can control its sorting process completely, thereby having the option of regulating its inclusions at the time of cutting and polishing . Hence, the incredible clarity!

Reason 4: Cost 

Diamond - Owing to their rare properties and availability, diamonds are one of the most highly-priced gemstones. If you buy a carat of VS1 diamond, it will cost you over 8 lacs, while one carat of MYZA will barely cost INR 50K

MYZA - One of the top-most reasons people switch to MYZA jewelry from diamonds is the price point. A lab-grown diamond 18k Hallmarked Gold ring at MYZA starts at approx 75k. So well, they cost only a fraction and will last a lifetime with minimal care. What more to ask for?

Reason 5: Durability

Diamond - The durability of diamonds is exceptional. It is not vulnerable to any substance - acid or heat. A diamond only endures any damage when there is a sudden temperature change.

MYZA -Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical composition and crystal structure as natural diamonds, hence their Mohs hardness is similar. Both lab-grown and natural diamonds have a Mohs rating of 10, the highest achievable.

Who’s The Winner?

Lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are the most popular choices in engagement rings, owing to their stunning looks and durability. It is no surprise that diamonds have been considered a girl’s best friend for decades, but the affordability and brilliance of Myza lab-grown diamonds have been stealing the show for quite some time now! So who’s the winner? We’d say both.